As of version 2.2.19, the Rollback feature (Auto Backup before Update) is redesigned and greatly enhanced.

What Is ‘Auto Backup before Update’?

The ‘Auto Backup before Update’ feature allows you to create a backup of WordPress core files, themes, and plugins before you perform an update to them.

With these versioning backups, you will be able to quickly roll back a plugin, theme or WordPress to a specific previous version if the update goes wrong.

Rollback WPvivid Backup Pro

How to Enable/Disable Auto Backup before Update?

To enable ‘Auto Backup before Update’ option, go to WPvivid Plugin > Rollback > Enable/disable ‘Auto Backup before Update’ for a specific plugin, theme, WordPress, or all.

Enable Rollback for Plugins Themes WordPress

Then when you update a plugin/theme/WordPress, WPvivid Backup Pro will automatically back up the current version of the plugin/theme/WordPress before the update is performed.

So all you need to do is to click ‘Update Now’ button on the Plugins or Themes page.


The backup will be taken in the background, so you won’t see a backup progress on UI.

Update Plugins WordPress

You can find and manage these backups from WPvivid Plugin > Rollback > View versioning backups.

Manage Rollback Backups

How to Roll back A Plugin/Theme/WordPress?

To roll back a plugin/theme/WordPress, go to WPvivid Plugin > Rollback, choose a version that you want to rollback to > Click Rollback.

Rollback Plugin WordPress

Once done, you will see a message of ‘Rolling back the plugin completed successfully.’

Rollback Plugin Successfully WordPress


Do not close/refresh the page until the rollback process is complete.