WPvivid Backup Pro provides the ability to change the FTP default port number.

Since many web hosting platforms have their custom FTP ports, this feature will allow you to successfully connect to an FTP server in most web hosting platforms.

To connect to your FTP server, you’ll also need to fill in the following information:

  • An alias for identify the FTP server: e.g. FTP-001.
  • The server address.
  • A custom FTP port.
  • Your FTP server user name.
  • The password of the FTP server.
  • An absolute path: e.g. /home/username.
  • A custom backup directory: e.g. yourdomain_com.
  • Define backup retention for the storage
  • Choose if to set the FTP server as the default remote storage.
  • Choose if to enable FTP-SSL connection
  • Choose if to enable active mode for the FTP server.

WPvivid Backup Pro Change FTP Port