WPvivid Backup Pro allows you to create a custom parent folder in the root directory of your Google Drive as well as a custom subfolder for each website under the parent folder to hold WPvivid backups, which makes it easy to distinguish and manage backups of each site.

Path Example:




The name wpvivid, www_a_com and www_b_com is customizable

To connect to your Google Drive account, you will need to fill in the following information:

  • An alias for the Google Drive account: e.g. Google Drive-001
  • A custom parent directory in the Google Drive for holding WPvivid backup directories
  • A custom subfolder under the parent directory for the current site: e.g. yourdomain_com
  • Define backup retention for the storage
  • Whether to set the storage as the default remote storage

WPvivid Backup Pro Google Drive Custom Folder