One of three ways of website migration available on WPvivid Backup Pro, which is also our recommended way.

Note: This is the most reliable method when you migrate a WordPress site, especially a medium-sized or large site.

How Does It Work?

1.On the source site > WPvivid Plugin > Manual Backup > Select Migrate the site via remote storage in the Step1: Choose backup location and create a backup of the site as needed.

Backup pro migrate via remote storage

2.Go to the destination site, connect to the same remote storage that you’ve connected to on the source site and sent the backup to in the first step.

Then go to Backups & Restore tab > Remote Storage subtab> Display all backups stored in account(the remote storage account mentioned above) under Migration folder.

Click Scan The Folder to display the backup to the list > Click Restore > Click Retrieve the backup to localhost.

Backup pro migration via remote storage restore

3.Click Restore to start restoring the backup on the destination site.

Backup pro migration via remote storage custom restore