WPvivid Backup Pro supports sending backups of each WordPress site to a custom subfolder under a custom parent directory in Amazon S3.

When you connect to Amazon S3 storage, you have to enter the information of Amazon S3 account in Amazon S3 tab page:

  • A unique alias: e.g. Amazon S3-001
  • Amazon S3 access key: e.g. AKIA**************************Z4
  • Amazon S3 secret key: e.g. fgl*************************ht9w
  • Amazon S3 Bucket name: e.g. test
  • Custom path: e.g. yourdomain_com
  • Define backup retention for the storage
  • Define block size of data uploads and downloads
  • The option of setting as the default remote storage
  • The option of storage class
  • The option of server-side encryption
  • Choose whether to check DeleteObject

WPvivid Backup Pro S3 Custom Folder