First of all, we extend our most sincere gratitude to the fantastic users giving us feedback on WPvivid Backup Plugin. Your feedback encourages us to keep perfecting the plugin.

Thank you!

From the feedback we have gathered so far, we see that most issues experienced with the current (0.9.22) or newer versions of the plugin are typically related to limitations with web hosts.

Although most issues related to size limits can be adjusted in the Advanced Settings section of the plugin, hosting resource limits are out of our purview, you may need to contact your host, upgrade your hosting account, or in extreme cases move to a reputable host.

Here is a list of the frequently reported issues, our thoughts on the cause of the error, and recommendations on how to solve them.


1. Backup is too slow

Here are two most likely causes of a slow backup process:

  • The disk I/O of the web hosting is slow.

We have noticed that the disk IO of many web hosting is only 1MB/s,  then theoretically backing up a 100MB website would require at least 300s.

You can check the disk I/O of your web hosting by asking your web hosting provider or through cPanel.

  • The option Enable optimization mode for web hosting/shared hosting option is checked in the Advanced Settings.

The option is aimed to boost backup/migration success rate on web hosting with inadequate resources. Therefore, backups under the mode will be running slower than usual.

Note: For the success of the migration, please deactivate 301 redirect pluginfirewall and security plugin, and caching plugin (if they exist) before transferring website.


2. Backup error: Too many resumption attempts., task id: wpvivid-xxxxxxx

Cause: The error is caused by insufficient resources on your web server to run a backup, especially for large websites.

Solution: Check the Enable optimization mode for web hosting/shared hosting option in the plugin advanced settings. If the error persists, try to adjust the value of Compress Files Every xxx MB option in the advanced settings, for example, to 100MB.


3. [error]Uploading the file ends with an error Uploading to remote storage server failed. getaddrinfo() thread failed to start

Cause: The error is an interconnectivity issue between your web host and your remote storage provider.

Solution: If you encounter the error, please try to rerun the task or contact your web host for help.


4. [error]Backup failed, error unknown, time spend:134

Cause: The error occurs when the web server kill the backup process in 120s after it starts.

Solution: Try to modify the Compress Files Every xxx MB option in advanced settings to a lower value, for example, 100MB, this will drastically increase the backup/migration success rate.


5. [error]Allowed memory size of xxxxx bytes exhausted (tried to allocate xxxx bytes) file:[drive]:[localpath] wp-contentpluginswpvivid-backuprestoreincludesclass-wpvivid-restore-database.php line:xxx

Cause: This error shows that the PHP memory limit on your server is too low for the task to complete or your website is too large.

Solution: Try to increase the PHP memory limit on the plugin advanced settings and try again.


6. Localbyflywheel environment

The error is typically triggered when you are using the auto migration feature in a Localbyflywheel environment.

Cause: The error could be caused by a curl issue on Localbyflywheel.

Solution: Try to migrate manually, i.e., download the backup to your computer, then upload it to the destination site.


7. [error]An exception (Exception) occurred Missing host from DSN string (Code: 0, line xxx in /your-website/wp-content/plugins/wpvivid-backuprestore/includes/class-wpvivid-mysqldump.php)

Please contact us if you encounter the error.


8. File not found, please try again.

Please contact us if you encounter the error.


9. [error]PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE (-4) : Missing archive file ‘ /’

Cause: The error occurs because your web server does not allow a large number of read/write operations in a short period. Another possible reason could be that the file was deleted by some other program on your web server.

Solution: Contact your web host for help.


10. Website restore timeout

Cause: The error is a restore timeout error that typically occurs when the website you are trying to restore is too large for your web hosting.

Solution: Consider upgrading your web hosting plan.
If you are sure that, that is not the cause (say your website files are less than 300MB or your database is less than 100MB), please contact us.


11. [notice]An exception has occurred. class:PDOException;msg:SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory;code:xxx;line:30;in_file:/…/wp-content/plugins/wpvivid-backuprestore/includes/class-wpvivid-db-method.php;

Cause: The error is triggered by a MySQL service exception or a PDO interface exception on your web server.

Solution: Contact your web hosting provider to fix the exception.


12. [error]Backup ends with an error PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : gzip temporary file ‘/…/wp-content/wpvividbackups/pclzip-5d226ab918202.gz’ has invalid filesize – should be minimum 18 bytes

Cause: The error is triggered when a backup is not completed within the host limits – usually because of a large website or an underlying issue with your web host.

Solution: Adjust the settings in the advanced plugin settings and try again. If that does not work, please contact your web hosting provider or upgrade your web hosting.


13. This site can’t provide a secure connection, localhost sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCAL_ERROR.

Cause: WooCommerce plugin forces SSL(HTTPS) on the checkout pages.

Solution: Go to WooCommerce plugin >> Advanced tab, uncheck the Force secure checkout option and try again.


14. After site migration, unable to access other pages except for homepage.

Cause: After replacing with another domain name, either the rewrite rules or link caches didn’t update yet.

Solution: Go to WordPress admin dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and click on Save Changes button.


15. Missing background images after migrating Elementor pages.

Solution: Go to WordPress admin dashboard > Elementor > Tools > General > Regenerate CSS and click on Regenerate Files button and save changes.


16. Backups and the merge would not complete on a LiteSpeed server.

Solution: Please refer to this topic in our support forum.


17. Get the following error when taking a backup:

An exception has occurred. class: GuzzleHttp\Exception\RequestException;msg: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see;code: 0;line: 186;in_file: C:\Users\smash\Local Sites\example\app\public\wp-content\plugins\wpvivid-backuprestore\vendor\guzzlehttp\guzzle\src\Handler\CurlFactory.php;

Solution: Download the latest cacert.pem from Add the following line to php.ini:



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.