A backup will insure you against the uncertainties yet possibilities of hacks, malware infections, server crashes or just plain human error.

So let us create one.

First, Download and install WPvivid Backup Plugin

Go to WPvivid on the Backup & Restore tab; configure the settings for manual backups:

From here you can

  • Rename storage directory
  • Backup items
  • Set Storage locations
  • Lock backups

WPvivid Backup Plugin Create Backup

When you have chosen the options that you want, click the Backup Now button.

WPvivid Backup Plugin will start creating a backup. The time it takes to complete a backup depends on the size of your files.

The progress of your backup will be visible on the same screen.

WPvivid Backup Plugin Backup Progress

Once the backup is complete, the progress bar will disappear and you will see your newly created backup. You can also download it to your computer.

WPvivid Backup Plugin Backup List

That’s how easy it is to backup your website.