First of all, we extend our sincere gratitude to the fantastic users for having purchased and given us feedback on WPvivid Staging Pro. It’s your generous support and feedback that encourage us to keep perfecting the plugin.

Thank you!

From the feedback we have gathered so far,  we’ve put together this list of the frequently reported issues, our thoughts on the cause of the error, and recommendations on how to solve them, so that users facing the same issues can easily and quickly find a solution.


1. Getting this error while trying to create a staging site: “Sorry you are not allowed to access this page”

Cause: The error could be triggered by the lack of addons.

Solution: Please Click WPvivid Staging on WP main menu -> License tab -> Check update and make sure the plugin is updated to the latest version.


2. Create staging sites timeout, the process gets stuck

Cause: Some server configurations will kill PHP requests that exceed a certain time.

Solution: Go to plugin settings >> Staging Settings >> Set the option ‘DB Replace Count’ to 1000

If the error persists, please contact us and provide us a temp admin access to the site to help identify the issue.


3. Staging Site Admin URL showed incorrectly:

Cause: This problem can be caused by the inconsistency between your site URL in your database and the URL of your website. It usually occurs because you have used some plugins, for example, Really Simple SSL, that will modify your website domain name or the site url and home url you’ve set in the wp-config.php file.

Solution: First, please check whether the home and site url in your WordPress settings page are the same as your actual website url. If they are not the same, please change the urls in the WordPress settings to be same as your actual website url.

Secondly, please use phpMyAdmin to set the site url and home in the Options table of your database to the same domain name as the actual domain name of your website.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.