Schedule tab in WPvivid Backup Free plugin allows you to enable and set up a schedule for the plugin to back up your website automatically.

Enable backup schedule

A checkbox you can check to enable backup schedule.

WPvivid Backup Plugin Enable Backup Schedule

Backup frequency

The backup frequency, allows you to specify how often backups will be created, you have the choice of every 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

This could be guided by the frequency of your website updates.

WPvivid Backup Plugin Set Schedule Cycle

Backup items

Options to choose the items you want to include in the backups, the entire website(database+files), the website files, or only database.

WPvivid Backup Plugin Choose Backup Content

Backup locations

Options to determine where you want to send the backups to,

Save backups on localhost(web server) – saves your files to the same server your website is hosted.

Send Backups to remote storage – will backup your website on the cloud storage account your will configure next.

WPvivid Backup Plugin Set Backup Location