As of version 1.9.20, WPvivid Backup Pro offers the option to migrate a child site in a WordPress Multisite network to a standalone WordPress install.


  1. The Wordfence plugin needs to be temporarily deactivated or uninstalled before the migration, as it will write some absolute paths in the .htaccess file that may cause problems when replacing the .htaccess file.
  2. By default, the migration will replace the themes, plugins, uploads, database and/or other files and directories(except the wp-config file) of the target site.

How to Migrate A MU Childsite to A Single WP Install?

Step 1. Export the Source Site to Localhost(Web Server)

First, go to the source site > WPvivid Backup Pro > Export Site > Export to Localhost(Web Server).

Choose the option ‘For the purpose of moving a subsite to a single install‘.

Enter a subsite title, or click Search directly to show all subsites, then select a subsite to migrate.

Migrate Multisite Subsite to Single Install

You can add a comment to the exported zip(s) for better identification.

Once done, click on Export Now.

After the exporting is done, you will see an export succeeded message, then you can click on the Download button or the Download All Parts button to download the site to your computer.

Download All Backup Parts

Once downloaded, you are all set to import the source site to the target site.

Step 2. Import the Source Site to the Target Site

Go to the target site, go to WPvivid Backup Pro > Import Site > Import from Localhost(Web Server). Click Select Files to select the exported zip(s) or just drag and drop the zip(s) to the field.

Note: Please make sure to upload all the parts(zips)(if any) of the backup at a time.

Once done, click Upload button.

Import Multisite Subsite Backup

After the uploading succeeds, you will see a message of ‘Importing Succeeded’, now you can click on the Restore Now button to restore the site.

Restore Multisite Subsite