WPvivid Staging Pro provides you the ability to encrypt your database backups by setting a password.

With the feature, you wouldn’t have to worry about the security of data stored in your database as no one would be able to decrypt and use the data without knowing your password.

This feature is especially useful in the context of GDPR, as WordPress backups always include personal data. If you are an EU user or you have personal information of clients from EU stored on your site, the encryption of these personal data will help you stay compliant with GDPR.

What Encryption Standard Do We Use? 

We use Advanced Encryption Standard, short AES or Rijndael. At Rijndael, encryption is done with a 128, 192, or 256-bit key, which provides guaranteed increased security against brute-force attacks. For more details about Rijndael, please check this wiki post – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Encryption_Standard.

How to Encrypt Your Database Backups?

To encrypt database backups, go to WPvivid Backup Pro settings > Backup > Check the Enable Database Encryption option.

WPvivid Backup Pro Database Backup Encryption

Once enabled, set a password that you’ll remember to encrypt your database backups.

Warning: This password is also required to decrypt your backups later, and we are not able to reset it for you or decrypt your backups, so please do write it down and store it safely.

After enter your password, click Save Changes to make the encryption to take effect.

With the encryption enabled, all the new database backups you create will be encrypted with the password.

How to Decrypt and Restore Your Database Backups?

As mentioned earlier, the password you have created to encrypt your database backups is also required to decrypt the backups.

Note: Backups encrypted with WPvivid Backup Pro can only be decrypted with WPvivid Backup Pro.

To decrypt and restore a database backup, you’ll need to enter your password in the same option in your WPvivid Backup Pro settings.

WPvivid Backup Pro Database Backup Encryption

Without the correct password entered, the restore will fail with the error – Failed to decrypt backup. A password was not entered in the plugin settings.