WPvivid for MainWP extension is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to manage WPvivid plugins for your child sites via MainWP dashboard.

Like all other MainWP extensions, WPvivid for MainWP extension works on top of that the WPvivid plugins is installed on child sites. Therefore it follows a two-step installation process

First install the WPvivid for MainWP extension on your dashboard site(main site)

Then install the WPvivid Backup Plugins on child sites.

The installation process of the plugin is the same as any other WordPress plugins.

1. Log in to your MainWP dashboard site.

2. Go to Plugins, click Add New.

3.  In the search bar type in WPvivid or WPvivid Backup for MainWP.

Install WPvivid Backup for MainWP Extension

4. Click Install and Activate.

5. Next, go to your MainWP Dashboard Extensions page and check the extension in the list.

The extension is now successfully installed on your MainWP dashboard site.

Note: If you have many ManinWP extensions installed, please scroll down the Extensions dropdown to find WPvivid Backup extension.