This error means uploading the backup to pCloud timed out, which is usually caused by a network connection failure between your web hosting server and the cloud storage provider’s server.

The failure can be on either end, for example, an outage of the cloud storage provider, or a connection failure to the cloud storage provider from the web hosting’s server.

Also, from what we see, pCloud is unfortunately still using a very outdated PHP SDK for their API which was released in 2017(the latest PHP version supported at that time was PHP 7.1). This can consequentially cause compatibility issues, for example, the upload timeout issue as discussed in this post.

Based on these,the solutions to this problem would be:

  1. Wait a while,e .g., an hour, then try it again, to make sure that it is not a one-off problem.
  2. If the the error persists, you will want to reach out to your web hosting provider, and let them check the connection to the pCloud server.