The backup not responding and backup timeout issue is mostly caused by insufficient server resources.

So, we would recommend you to try the following WPvivid Settings first,

In Backup Settings

  • Uncheck the option of ‘Merge all the backup files into single package when a backup completes’
  • Save changes,

In Backup(Advanced) Settings

  • Check the option of ‘Enable eco mode for shared hosting’(this option is called ‘Enable optimization mode for web hosting/shared hosting’ in the free version)
  • Compress files every 100 MB
  • PHP script execution timeout for backup 900 seconds
  • PHP memory for backup 512 MB

Save changes and run another backup.

If the problem still persists, please also:

1. Check if the site is on a Litespeed server, as on a Litespeed server, in order to optimize the network, the server will kill requests that exceed a certain time, for example, 30s.

To do that, go to your website dashboard > Tools > Site Health > Info > Server(see the attached example screenshot)

Check web server

If so, you can add the following rules to the .htaccess file to prevent Litespeed timeout.

<IfModule Litespeed>

    RewriteEngine On

    RewriteRule .*-[E=noabort:1, E=noconntimeout:1]


2. Please also make the following changes on the server side(reach out to your web host if you are not the server manger):

  • Change the PHP max execution time in the php.ini file to 900s
  • Change the memory limit the php.ini file to 512MB